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Dryer Vent Cleaning: Why You Should Invest In A Pro

Many homeowners are becoming more and more aware of the importance of dryer vent cleaning. Unfortunately, we hear too many stories of people trying to save money by buying do-it-yourself cleaning kits. Trust us when we say, this isn’t the way to go! You’ll take on a lot of hassle and stress. In addition, you’ll be frustrated when you’re faced with poor results (costing your more money down the line).

Cons Of Dryer Vent Cleaning Kits

In some situations a dryer vent cleaning kit may do an alright job. Yet, for most, more heavy duty equipment is needed. Venting systems in a home can be long, intricate, and winding. With that in mind, the tools that come in these do-it-yourself kits just can’t get the job done right! The rods won’t stretch far enough, they can’t adjust to the many twists and turns, and often times they get stuck (meaning you’ll end up needing professional help in the end anyway).

On top of this, many homeowners just push all of the lint to the back of the vent, failing to actually remove it. This causes bigger clogs to form, and you’ll end up with even more problems than you started out with. In the end, you’ll need someone certified to get the clogs out, meaning you’re out a lot of money. Invest in a pro from the start, and you’ll be happy you did!

What To Expect From Us

When you choose Weststar Chimney Sweeps, you can rest easy knowing you’ve picked the best of the best. Our certified and trained technicians have the tools, expertise, and professionalism that you’re looking for, and we ensure all of the connections are working properly before leaving the job site. No matter what your dryer vent has in store for us, we can get you taken of!

What To Expect From Your Dryer

Many question whether or not dryer vent cleaning really makes a difference. Will the dryer really run that much better? Is it worth the money? The short answer is yes! If your dryer needs to run multiple times to dry a load of laundry, then something isn’t right. A lot of times, all these systems need is a good cleaning to run more efficiently, saving you time and stress. And it lowers your energy bills, too!

When you schedule a cleaning, your clothes will dry in no time and you won’t see as much of an increase in your monthly bills. And did you know it makes your home safer, too? Dryers are known for causing thousands of house fires every single year! It’s definitely not worth the risk when it comes to the wellbeing of your loved ones.

To top it off, many times homeowners think the dryer is the issue, when all they needed was to invest in us! Before you go out and buy a whole new appliance, let us look things over. Your problems made be solved quickly and easily with just one visit from us. The best part is, we’re here for you year after year, so you can schedule your annual cleaning with Weststar Chimney Sweeps every time! Make us your one stop shop for it all. Call today!

Is Your Chimney Ready For Santa?

Sweeping Chimney Santa Image - San Diego CA - Weststar Chimney SweepsWhen Santa’s sleigh heads your way, you want to ensure that everything is ready to go for his arrival. While milk and cookies go a long way, he will need a clean chimney to go down, as well. The last thing he has time for on Christmas Eve is a pit stop at the dry cleaner’s. Keep Mr. Claus happy and soot-free this year by scheduling your annual inspection and cleaning with Weststar Chimney Sweeps today!

Clearing Blockages

Smoke and carbon monoxide poisoning are both major threats that can cause health issues and ruin your holidays in a hurry. Birds, squirrels, and other critters can leave behind twigs, leaves, and nesting materials in your chimney, all of which cause blockages and invite countless issues when you go to light your fire. Keep your home free from these fumes by having a professional check things out right away.

On top of scheduling your regular inspection, you will also want to have smoke and carbon monoxide detectors installed throughout the home. If you do not have these devices, purchase them now and have your chimney sweep set them up while they are there for the inspection. These detectors have saved many lives and can truly make all the difference in whether or not everyone gets out of a burning house safely.

Avoiding Fires

If you own a fireplace, it is important to take all of the necessary steps when it comes to fire safety. As mentioned previously, make sure all of your smoke detectors are installed and working efficiently. On top of this, have a plan set for where everyone needs to go, should a fire occur. Being as prepared as possible is vital when it comes to the safety of your home and family.

If you have enjoyed a fire throughout the evening, make sure it is completely out before going to bed or leaving the home. You will also want to ensure your fireplace stays free from excess creosote and other harmful build-up. A couple of ways to do this is to burn wood that is well-seasoned, and to avoid throwing any paper or trash into your fireplace.

While all of these things will help keep your home free from fires, the most important step is to call in an expert to check things over and clean your chimney with the proper tools and chemicals. Creosote is highly flammable, so ensuring that it is adequately removed is important in creating a safe holiday season. Professionals know where to look and how to access even the toughest and hardest to reach areas. Call the professionals at Weststar Chimney Sweeps today, before getting any fires going.

At Weststar Chimney Sweeps, we take pride in being CSIA certified. We have been serving this area for 30 years and counting, and our customers can vouch for our professional attitude and high-quality services. Please choose us for all of your chimney and fireplace needs and schedule your inspection today!

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