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Protect Yourself With Cap Dampers & Damper Locks!

Chimney Cap Damper Diagram - San Diego CA - Weststar Chimney Sweeps

The chimney damper plays an incredibly important role in the preservation of the chimney and the preservation of energy. When your fireplace isn’t in use, the damper will close off the flue, helping to keep conditioned air from exiting your home through the chimney, and working to keep rain out of your chimney system.

This is particularly true of top-sealing dampers, which are installed in most modern chimneys, as opposed to the throat dampers of old. With a throat damper, a metal plate is used to close off the flue down by the firebox, while a top-sealing damper uses a rubber gasket to completely seal the flue at the very top of your chimney.

Weststar Chimney Sweeps can install a beautiful chimney cap damper on the top of your flue, which can provide the protection and function of both a chimney cap and a top-sealing damper. You’ll effectively close off your flue when you don’t need to use it, which will save you energy and money, by keeping outside air from coming in and inside air from flowing out. You’ll also get proper protection for your chimney system against rain and the damage that comes with water penetration. Plus, you’ll be protected from bird, bee, and animal intrusion.

The functional benefits of a chimney cap damper are many, but our cap dampers aren’t just functional, they’re beautiful! We regularly install a wide array of chimney cap dampers in different shapes, sizes and finishes. Not sure what you want?  Weststar Chimney Sweeps can help you choose a cap damper that will provide all the protection and function you need, plus the look and style that you desire. Give us a call today!

Damper Locks: They’re Not Just Practical, They’re Necessary

Yes, having a tight-sealing damper installed can add energy-efficiency and protection to your system, but that damper must be opened whenever a fire is going. If it’s not, depending on the fuel you’re using, you will have smoke pouring into your home, or worse, a silent and incredibly dangerous flow of carbon monoxide invading your living area. Given how dangerous both situations are, and how common it is for user error to create a troubling, even deadly circumstance in the home, California codes takes the use of a chimney damper lock very seriously.

California Uniform Building Code explicitly requires that the chimney damper in a system venting any kind of gas appliance be locked open during a fire, for the protection of the inhabitants of the home. We comply with this code and create a safer gas-venting system by installing damper locks. If you have a gas appliance or vented gas logs in your fireplace, we can install a damper clamp that prevents poisonous gases from pouring back into the home, instead of exiting through the chimney. It’s a smart safety measure put into place to account for user error or forgetfulness, and is well worth the investment.

If you have a gas-burning fireplace or gas logs and you need a damper clamp installed in your system, give us a call — we’d love to help keep you safe and in compliance with California codes!


A hearth screen provides an extra level of safety as well as beauty to your fireplace. Check with the skilled crew at Weststar for the best information about this simple but skilled chimney installation.





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Excellent service! Dave was very patient answering all my questions and comments. Dave was very detailed with his work and took the time to explain what he saw and what he recommended for repairs. I would definitely recommend Weststar Chimney Sweeps to all of my friends and family who have fireplaces that need cleaning and/or repair. Thank you!!
~ Gigi Benter

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