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Why Heat Reflectors May Be Right For You

Keeping your fireplace and chimney safer and better protected is important this time of year. As the holidays near, people light fires more and more often, as it sets a cozy and peaceful aesthetic for any gathering or event. If you want to guarantee your fireplace stays in tip-top shape and projects adequate heat, then we have solutions for you.

One way to do this is to install heat reflectors into your firebox. Learn more about this process below, then contact us right away with any questions. We’re happy to help!

More About The Fireboxfireplace

The firebox is the area of your fireplace where the fires are built. This is a sturdy and strong part of your chimney’s anatomy, and it’s designed to take on a lot of heat and wear and tear, but that doesn’t mean adequate protection isn’t necessary to ensure a longer lifespan. The firebox takes on a lot, so doing what you can to help it better do its job is always a good idea.

Investing in some great products and services can make a big difference when it comes to keeping your firebox strong. Hiring us for affordable preventative maintenance now is always a better option than shelling out lots of money for expensive repairs down the line. Save yourself time, money, and hassle later in life by talking with our experts today about installing heat reflectors in your fireplace.

What Do Heat Reflectors Do?

So, one issue that many experience with their firebox is that the back wall absorbs a lot of the heat the fire produces. This results in less warmth for your home, which can lead to a lot of frustration on the part of the homeowner, especially on cooler evenings. Heat reflectors stop the firebox from absorbing so much of this warmth and, rather, pushes the high temperatures back into your living space, resulting in 20-40 percent more heat for you and your loved ones. That’s quite a difference!

These products also help protect your firebox, exposing it to less of that intense heat from the fire. Firebox repairs can take up a lot of time and they tend to cost you a lot, too, so anything that delays wear and tear is a plus! Keep your mortar in good shape and talk to us about taking this easy step today. It’s an investment you definitely won’t regret.

Are You Ready For Fall?

Installing heat reflectors is a great way to prepare for the upcoming fall and winter seasons, but there’s more that needs to be done, as well. The CSIA recommends investing in annual inspections, and if there’s excess creosote built up, then that needs to be removed, as well. Let us check things over to ensure you don’t need any repairs, sweepings, or other maintenance before kicking off your burning season.

Once we’re through, you’ll be all set and ready light fires with the peace of mind you deserve. The time to give our expert staff a call is now. We’re ready to serve!

Bees In Your Chimney? Don’t Smoke Them Out!

It’s not uncommon to discover some unwanted visitors in your chimney from time to time. Birds, squirrels, raccoons, and, yes, even bees are known for setting up camp in this warm, strong structure and it can lead to a lot of hassle on the part of the homeowner. You’ll be forced to put off your burning season until the problem is resolved and then clean up any messes that the critters left behind. All in all, it’s a big issue and investing in professional help is typically the best route to take to get fast and efficient results.

Many chimney companies will handle the removal of certain creatures, but bees are not usually one of them. Well, we like to set ourselves apart from the rest here at Weststar Chimney, which is why we’ll remove bees and their hive, so you can get back to enjoying your system to the fullest. Learn more below!Bees In Your Chimney - San Diego CA - Weststar Chimney Sweeps

Why Lighting A Fire Won’t Work

It’s not unheard of for people to consider simply smoking the bees out. For some reason this is a proposed solution that people have passed down for years but is actually a very ineffective method for getting rid of the issue. Most assume the smoke and flames will encourage the bees to leave, after which they can simply remove the hive and get back to their day-to-day routine. Problem solved, right? Wrong.

What will actually happen is the honey will melt and spread down the sides of your chimney, enhancing the smell and attracting more bees down the line. Once the honey melts down the walls of your chimney, getting rid of it is a lot more challenging, and you’ll be facing some strong smells (and likely, more bees) well into the future.

Trust our professionals to safely remove the hive, so you don’t have to stress. All you’ll have to do is make a simple phone call to our team, and we’ll handle the rest. After we’re done, you’ll be free to enjoy the upcoming burning season to the fullest! It’s the right choice to make, so get in touch with us today.

Preventing The Return Of More Bees

So, our experts removed the pests, and now you’re eager to get your fireplace up and running. We don’t blame you! But first, make sure you’re adequately protected from any future invasions by having a chimney cap installed. Chimney caps have a great reputation for keeping out bees and all types of other curious creatures, as well, so you won’t need to worry about bad odors, clogs, or any other similar issues down the line.

Chimney caps also keep out rain, block downdrafts, limit debris build up, and serve as spark arrestors. All in all, they’re a great and highly affordable investment. Well worth it!

We also install top-sealing dampers, so if you’re looking to upgrade your throat damper now is the time to get it done. These units do everything expected from a damper, along with working alongside your chimney cap to keep out bad weather and animals. They seal tight, so you can say hello to a cozier home and goodbye to high energy bills – a great investment all around!

Ready to work with the best? Give us a call now.