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We Can Restore Your Crown With CrownCoat!


The section of your chimney that sits above the roofline is particularly susceptible to damage from the elements. And your chimney crown — the masonry installed at the top of your chimney to help shed water away from the system—is probably taking the hardest hit.

Given that it’s consistently pummeled by the elements, it’s common to see cracks form in a chimney crown. But while it’s common, it’s definitely not a good situation — a cracked chimney crown will almost certainly allow water to penetrate the inner shell of the chimney, which can damage the masonry and lead to costly and time-consuming structural repairs.

With less severe cracks, we may be able to restore the crown using CrownCoat, a flexible waterproofing sealant that is applied over the entire chimney crown.

A properly and professionally installed CrownCoat application seals cracks and stops further water damage by restoring the crown to proper function. And with CrownCoat, you can feel confident that the restoration will last — when professionally applied, it carries a 15-year warranty!

Weststar Chimney Sweeps Can Help You Properly Protect Your Entire System

Masonry chimneys are built to be durable, but they do require a certain amount of attention in order to keep costly water damage at bay.

A complete chimney protection program should include the repair of a cracked chimney crown with CrownCoat, as well as an application of a waterproofing product to the rest of the chimney masonry. At Weststar Chimney Sweeps, we use ChimneySaver, which is a vapor-permable, siloxane-based professional water repellent product. ChimneySaver will keep water from seeping into your masonry, but it will still allow gases, vapors and small particles to escape through it, as is necessary for proper chimney function.

Taking these precautionary measures can provide considerable protection to your masonry chimney and markedly extend the masonry’s service life. Talk to your Weststar Chimney Sweeps technicians about how you can best protect your chimney — we’d love to help you enjoy a leak-free, stress-free chimney system!

To have your cracked chimney crown properly repaired, or to discuss professional waterproofing methods, give Weststar Chimney Sweeps a call today, at 619-338-8116!


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