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Oceanside: Trust Weststar For Industry-leading Chimney Service

The benefits of being in Oceanside are many, from the natural beauty to the proximity to water. One of the few downsides, however, is easy to recognize when you work in any industry related to construction, like the chimney industry. High levels of moisture, when you’re so close to the water, are a given. And no matter where you live, when it comes to a chimney system, water is the most consistent enemy.

At Weststar Chimney Sweeps, we’ve been maintaining and repairing chimney systems since 1999, including ones for a large number of clients in Oceanside. We know how to install chimney components to stand up to moisture, make proper repairs when water intrusion occurs, and what it takes to arm chimney systems to stand strong against Oceanside’s wonderful but water-rich weather.

Weststar Specializes In Chimney Leak Troubleshooting And Repairs

Chimney leaks are tricky — they could be coming from a breach in any number of system components that are designed to help keep water out, or they could be the result of degraded and eroded masonry. Weststar technicians are experts when it comes to troubleshooting leaks, so if you’re dealing with water intrusion, you can trust us to find the culprit or culprits, and provide the right repairs.

Every chimney leak is different, but some of the most common causes of chimney leaks that we see include:

Cracked Chimney Crown Or Wash
The chimney crown was built and installed expressly to keep water diverted away from your flue opening, to help avoid leaks. Unfortunately, since it’s positioned up at the top of your chimney, taking in a heavy share of sun, heat and moisture, cracks are common. And when chimney crowns crack, leaks follow. We can often repair chimney crowns that have small cracks with a great product called CrownCoat. More extensive damage may require a rebuilt crown.

Eroded Masonry
Time plus moisture, when it comes to masonry materials, often equals damage. Masonry damage usually begins around the mortar joints, which can require painstaking tuckpointing repairs to fix. The bricks themselves can also erode over time. Once that happens, the masonry starts to wick moisture — essentially pulling leaks into your home. If your masonry is damaged, we can suggest the most effective ways to make that masonry strong again, and prevent further damage.

Prevention Goes A Long Way

Weststar can also apply a strong waterproofing sealant to your masonry chimney that’ll help it fight off moisture damage for years to come. It’s a relatively simple process that can make a big difference in your chimney’s longevity.

Weststar Chimney Sweeps can help Oceanside home- and business owners with all your chimney system needs. Give us a call!


Weststar’s service area includes El Cajon’s chimneys and dryer vents, too. We look forward to working with you soon!





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Excellent service! Dave was very patient answering all my questions and comments. Dave was very detailed with his work and took the time to explain what he saw and what he recommended for repairs. I would definitely recommend Weststar Chimney Sweeps to all of my friends and family who have fireplaces that need cleaning and/or repair. Thank you!!
~ Gigi Benter

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