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Protect Your Chimney With A Waterproofing Sealant

When we repair a leakChimney Cap Weststar Chimneys San Diego CAy chimney, we work hard to ensure that those repairs last. But at Weststar Chimney Sweeps, we believe that prevention is just as important as proper repairs. That’s why we strongly recommend having a waterproofing sealant applied to your chimney masonry, whether you’ve had problems with leaky bricks or not.

When masonry is left unprotected, cracks, crumbling, spalling, discoloration, and other damage can occur. Additionally, since brick is porous, it can absorb moisture and wick it down into the chimney system, where it can cause even more damage.

Why Trust The Professionals?

Unfortunately, many homeowners opt to paint or seal their chimneys in order to keep water out; but these products can actually trap moisture inside of the brick, expediting damage and making matters worse.

The waterproofing sealant we use here at Weststar Chimney Sweeps is specially formulated for chimney masonry, so it provides that helpful layer of protection while remaining 100 percent vapor permeable. In other words, vapors and gases can still pass through the bricks and mortar (which is necessary for proper chimney function), while larger water molecules cannot.

Whether you’ve had leaks or problems with moisture in the past or not, you should seriously consider having your system professionally waterproofed. It’s a small investment that makes a big difference and can help stave off the big headaches that come with a leaky chimney.

Schedule Your Professional Waterproofing Service Today!

Masonry will naturally degrade over time due to the effects of weather, but a waterproofing sealant protects the brick and mortar and can significantly prolong its lifespan. If you’d like to have a waterproofing sealant applied to your masonry, call Weststar Chimney Sweeps, or make an appointment online. We’d love to help!

Of all the necessary services for your chimney, being able to fix chimney leaks is one of the most important. That’s when it’s good to know you can rely on the skilled crew at Weststar Chimney Sweeps.


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I have been a customer for several years now. This time, I had them not only clean the fireplace, but change from wood-burning to gas burning. The logs they showed me were beautiful! The work was done promptly and professionally. They were here early on both visits, and waited in the truck until the appointment time. Highly recommend them.
~ Kathleen Lam