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There is no doubt that a fireplace can increase the value of a home. However, this is only if it is in good condition and does not need repair work. Many home buyers have a fireplace on their wish list. Then, they wind up disappointed when they realize the chimney needs expensive and time-consuming repair work. To avoid this scenario, level 2 chimney inspections are required when selling or transferring property.

Think your home inspector covered it? Think again. Home inspectors are not required to do anything more than a basic, visual inspection of your chimney. This means they could miss a lot of important things concerning the actual state of the chimney and fireplace. Learn more about level 2 inspections below, then count on the CSIA certified crew here at Weststar Chimney Sweeps. We provide detail, in-depth analysis of your chimney, so you aren’t left with any surprises when the time comes to selling or buying.

All About Level 2 Inspections

man cleaning chimneyHow does a level 2 inspection differ from a level 1? A level 2 inspection is a bit less extensive in comparison to a level 1. When fireplace owner regularly invest in professional care and stay on top of annual inspections, then you will only need a level 1 inspection. On the other hand, if they have undergone changes, a natural disaster or restoration work, then a more in-depth analysis is necessary. That’s where a level 2 inspection comes in. When you schedule a level 2 inspection, the sweep will come in with high-tech video equipment to snake up your chimney. This allows them to see every inch of your chimney’s interior with ease.

It is critical to invest in a level 2 inspection when buying or selling a home. As any damages, obstructions, and issues can be a factor in the final price of the home. If the chimney needs a lot of repair work, the seller will likely need to address the problems before completing the sale or lower the price of the property.

Our CSIA Certified Crew Is Here To Help

Our crew have certification and training from the CSIA, ensuring we have the knowledge for providing San Diego with the best chimney and fireplace care possible. We have unparalleled experience, dedication, and attitude, and we strive for the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Should we find damages, buildup, or other serious issues, our crew knows how to handle it all. If you are in the home-buying or home-selling process, let us help you wrap things up, so you can finally move forward. Call our sweeps today to schedule an appointment!

May 1st Is Chimney Sweep Day!

Every May 1st we like to remember and celebrate Chimney Sweep Day here at Weststar Chimney Sweeps, but you may be wondering why May 1st is designated as chimney sweep day.

Also known as May Day, May 1st has a long history and it heavily involves chimney sweeps. In the past, it was legal for chimney sweeps to use young children to sweep chimneys. This was due to the fact that they could easily fit into chimney flues and were able to scrub and sweep the chimneys clean. Children who were employed were as young as six and were usually boys. These young sweepers often did not have any kind of protection when cleaning chimneys and would breathe in much of the soot they were helping to remove. Due to this, many children who swept chimneys dealt with all kinds of respiratory issues and diseases.

May 1st was the only day these young sweeps had a day off from their sweeping duties. On this day sweeps would celebrate in their local towns where entertainment and other festivities took place. Because of the time off and the celebrations, May 1st came to be known as chimney sweep day. Even today this holiday is celebrated by chimneys sweeps throughout the world.

So join Weststar Chimney Sweeps in celebrating Chimney Sweep day and hug your favorite chimney sweep the next time you call us in for service.

The Basics of Ash Removal

Don’t Let It Accumulate 

Did you know that the ash that is produced after burning combustible materials can still be used in other places? Did you also know that it’s not good to completely remove the ash? Despite the many toxins, there are still components in ash that make it beneficial and useful.

But Wait, There’s More

You don't want to remove ALL of the ash from your fireplace. Leave some about an inch thick.

You don’t want to remove ALL of the ash from your fireplace. Leave some about an inch thick.

Ashes are made after burning combustible materials. They are powder-like and are not something you’d like to smell especially for people with sensitive noses. They are harmful to people but they can still benefit you if you have a garden. There are materials in the ash that can contribute to a healthy growing plant.

The ash should not be taken out completely, especially when you are constantly using your fireplace. This is because it might be difficult to start out a fire once you use it again; more time, more effort, less fire, less heat. An inch thick of ash will suffice. This can help protect the area in your firebox.

But removing ash in the fireplace is still something that needs our attention. It can cause all sorts of health hazards and can eventually end up starting a fire. Our company specializes in keeping your fireplace and chimney at optimal functioning level so it’s important to let us do our job. But in any case, you should also be aware of the things you need to do to successfully remove ash.

Removing the Ash

Get your metal trash bin, metal dust pan and broom ready for sweeping. Make sure that the ash is cool before you attempt to do any cleaning. The reason is to make sure that no hot coals are present. Once cooled, take out the firebox and sweep it and put the ash in the dust pan and into the trash bin. This step-by-step process should be done at least three to four times a week depending on the number of times you use your fireplace.

It’s good to let a CSIA-certified sweep do the cleaning. This is usually done when you have your  inspection and clean-up. We’ve been serving the people of San Diego County for fifteen wonderful years, so feel confident with our certified techs. Feel free to contact us. We are happy to help.