Dryer Fire Prevention Image - San Diego CA - Weststar ChimneyMost homeowners are aware of the various safety measures they should take around their home. Whether it is regularly checking the smoke detectors, cleaning out the gutters, keeping furniture dust-free, or any of the countless chores that make a household run efficiently, it seems that there is always work to be done and appliances to fix up.

One that is not thought about as frequently is the dryer. It seems like a harmless enough device, but the truth is that dryer vents are the cause of nearly 3000 home fires annually. This statistic increases throughout the fall and winter months meaning that now is the time to get any dryer issues addressed! Learn more about how to safely maintain your dryer below.

Check For Lint

When it comes to lint build-up, the lint trap is not the only place you should be checking. Check underneath the lint trap and always scan the inside of the dryer to ascertain that nothing is piling up. Ensuring that lint is cleaned out of every nook and cranny could make all the difference when it comes to keeping your appliance safe for regular use.

Hire A Professional

When it comes to installation, hiring out is the best option for ensuring your machine runs efficiently. Improper installation can cause issues and make the dryer unsafe for regular use. An expert will know what steps to take and how to properly connect the various parts and venting systems.

You will also want to hire out when it comes to regular cleanings. Many do not see the necessity in having your dryer vents professionally cleaned throughout the year, but this is a vital step in home care! Regular cleanings and inspections will offer you peace of mind, knowing your home is safe, and will ensure that your clothes are being dried on the first drying cycle.

Dry Safely!

There are lots of things you can do (or avoid doing) that will help your dryer run more efficiently. Be sure to only run the machine when you are at home and awake so that you will be alert to anything that may be malfunctioning. When drying items, make certain they are safe to use in a dryer. Any type of rubber, plastic, or foam is not suitable for dryer use and should be air-dried. Reading labels will help immensely in knowing what is safe to dry and what is not.

If your lint trap is at all damaged or loose, then refrain from using the dryer until it can be replaced. Also, avoid putting too much laundry in the dryer at one time, as this may cause it to overheat. When in doubt, always play it safe and avoid any potentially risky scenarios.

At Weststar Chimney Sweeps we know the importance of a well-maintained dryer. We pride ourselves on providing expert dryer vent cleaning services and will be happy to help you keep your household as safe as possible. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment!