Have a wood-burning fireplace in your home? The atmosphere that accompanies these units is incomparable, and the smells and sounds associated with them often play a big role in setting a festive mood throughout the holiday season. But with these fuel types comes a bit of extra work, and one thing we like to remind homeowners of is the importance of safely clearing out your fireplace ash.

Clearing out ash helps keep your fireplace grate in better shape and it leaves you with adequate room for putting in more fuel down the line. Too much ash could eventually block the flow of air, as well, and you definitely don’t want it spilling out into your living space! That being said, it’s beneficial to leave behind a small layer, around one or two inches thick, as this encourages future fires to light up easier. A small layer of ash also helps to protect your firebox floor.

Staying Safer When Clearing AshProperly dispose of ash and find new uses for it

When your ash pile gets too high and the time comes to clear it out, it’s vital that you take the proper safety precautions when removing it. Why? Well, ash can stay hot for days at a time, and many times stray embers get trapped inside. Ash that isn’t properly disposed off could easily ignite, triggering a fire within your home!

So, here’s what you can do to feel more at ease when scooping ash out of your fireplace. First of all, use a metal scoop when removing it, then transfer it into a metal bucket. A bucket with a handle and a slightly raised bottom is ideal. Also, the bucket should have a tight-fitting lid that will seal the container securely once filled.

Once the ash is safely out of the fireplace, it’s wise to store it for a few days to give any embers the chance to die out. Store it outside of your home on a non-flammable surface, such as concrete or brick. After enough time has passed, you may dispose of them.

What To Do With Old Ash

If you’re looking for ways to recycle your ash, there are many options! A lot of people use them in their gardens for a way to enrich their plant life. Certain plants, like tomatoes, will benefit greatly from some ash in their soil, so do some research and see which items would do well with this little extra boost!

Others sprinkle ash around their gardens to keep out pests, like snails and slugs. This provides an easy and effective barrier for keeping your veggies and flowers safer! Other uses for fireplace ash include shining silver, making soap, washing stinky smells off pets, melting ice, washing fireplace doors, and more. There are tons of ideas out there, so consider saving your ashes this burning season!

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Have questions about your fireplace? Give us a call! We’re here to assist and educate the public however we can, so that our customer base can enjoy their holidays worry-free year after year. Also, be sure to invest in your annual inspection and sweeping this fall, so you know everything is ready to go for any festivities you have planned. The time to give our team a call is now!