Unhappy with the look of your fireplace? Too often, smoke and soot can stain the exterior, putting a big damper on your home’s aesthetic. If you feel disappointed with your fireplace every time you look at it, it’s time to invest in improvements. An easy and effective way to get rid of stains on your brickwork is by investing in services from the qualified team here at Weststar Chimney Sweeps. Learn more now.

Addressing Draft IssuesRefresh Fireplace With Paint N Peel

Before we polish up your fireplace’s exterior, we need to ensure you will not facing staining and discoloration again later. If your system is having drafting issues, then smoke may cause those pesky stains to occur again.

There are a number of things that can be done to resolve problems with draft. Sometimes the size or height of the chimney is off, in which case reconstruction work will need to be done, and other times airflow issues can be resolved with something as simple as replacing your damper or chimney cap. Many chimneys just require a cleaning to work great again!

No matter what is going on, our team can troubleshoot your chimney problems and get them resolved.

Better Looking Masonry Every Time

Once any repairs or regular maintenance is completed, we can get started removing your smoke stains. We use Pull “N” Peel, a great product designed to remove stains and discoloration in a way that is effective and odor-free with minimal mess. Stop spending your days scrubbing and wiping to no avail. Count on us, and we will get our Paint “N” Peel products applied right away.

So, what does this process entail? Well, first of all, we prep all of your fireplace surfaces and seal off the mantel, trim, and other surrounding woodwork. After that is done, we will apply the Paint “N” Peel. This product needs to dry for around six to twelve hours, after which we will come back and peel it off. It is that simple and, afterwards, you will be left with a cleaner and more sightly fireplace front.

We Can Address All Of Your Chimney Needs

When we are through removing your unsightly stains, be sure to count on us for any other chimney and fireplace-related problems down the line. We guarantee total satisfaction, no matter what, and we can handle all of your inspections, repairs, sweepings, and more. Putting off fireplace care can put your home and family at risk, and it can decrease the efficiency of your appliance over time, as well, so schedule your inspection right away.

What are you waiting for? Give us a call today, so that we can set something up.