The chimney cap may not look like the most impressive part of your chimney’s anatomy, but the truth is you would be in rough shape without one. This device plays a big role in keeping your chimney better protected, and it ends up taking on a lot of different jobs in the process.

Concerned that your cap is missing, damaged, or incorrectly installed? Get our team on the job. We would be happy to check things over and set you up right. In the meantime, learn more about the many jobs of your chimney cap below.

Preventing Water Damagechimney with cap

Your chimney liner, smoke shelf, brickwork, mortar, and everything inside of your chimney need to stay in good shape to ensure your fireplace functions as safely and as efficiently as possible. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for the water to find its way into your system and wreak havoc, causing all of these parts to break down and deteriorate.

When your structure has holes, gaps, and cracks, your risk of experiencing house fires and gas leaks increases significantly. Because of this, it is vital to do everything you can to keep water out. The chimney cap completely covers your flue opening, making a big impact on your system’s ability to keep water out.

Keeping Out Wildlife

Water isn’t the only thing your cap keeps out. It also prevents birds, raccoons, bees, and other types of creatures from working their way in and causing problems throughout your home. Not only can these critters be loud and annoying, but their nesting materials can also clog up your flue and create fire hazards, too. Keep them out by having your chimney cap installed and save yourself a lot of stress and hassle.

Preventing Downdrafts

Are downdrafts swooping into your home, affecting the temperature inside and causing your energy bills to skyrocket? A chimney cap helps keep those cold drafts out for good, so you stay as cozy and as comfortable as possible. This also ensures that nasty creosote-related smells won’t be sent through your home – a win-win!

Stopping Excess Debris

When your flue is left uncovered and vulnerable, it is easier than ever for leaves, twigs, dirt, and more to blow into it. Not only do these things eventually build up and cause clogs, but they could end up causing a chimney fire, as well. A cap will keep these materials out, so your airflow isn’t affected.

Serve As Spark Arrestors

Lastly, chimney caps are able to effectively stop any stray sparks or embers from sneaking up your chimney and landing on your roofing materials. If one of these would land in the wrong spot, a fire could easily ignite, putting your entire home and family at risk. Don’t take any chances – have your cap installed today!

We Can Help

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