When it comes to building long-lasting fires, with good heat content, you won’t get anywhere without the right firewood. And not all firewood burns the same! Making the perfect fire for your specific needs can be tricky, but once the process is mastered, you will love how efficient your fires run time and time again.

Importance of Seasoned Wood

Before choosing your wood type, you will want to ensure the wood is seasoned. Some may claim that certain kinds burn great with or without proper seasoning, but this is definitely not the case. You will get the best results with wood that has been dried out for at least one year.

When searching for seasoned wood, there are a few key characteristics you can look out for. First, ensure that the pieces are cut to a short length and that the ends are split. These factors help the wood dry out at a quicker pace. Also, look for ends that are darker, and then lift the pieces to find which ones are lightest in weight. The heavier it is, the more water it’s holding! One way to test this is to bang two pieces together. If you hear a hollow, clunking noise, you should be good to go!

Types Of Wood

The best types of wood for fire-building can vary, based upon what type of burn you are looking to create. Check out this list for more information.

  • Oak: A great part about oak is that there is plenty to go around. Once you get this wood going, it will leave you with a strong, hot burn for a long period of time. Join countless fireplace users today by using oak for your next burn! Just make sure it is well-seasoned (for a year or two) for the best possible results.
  • Ash: Ash is another great wood for steady flames, while gaining some strong heat. It should also be well-seasoned, but this is not as crucial as it is for oak. When it comes to building great fires, ash definitely ranks high on anybody’s list.
  • Beech: If you don’t have easy access to ash, beech burns similarly. Make sure it is well-seasoned before use, then light away for a long-lasting burn and an enjoyable evening!
  • Thorn: Many wonder which woods produce the least amount of smoke. If you’re looking for a strong burn with little smoke output, thorn is the right choice for you. Say good-bye to smoky living rooms and enjoy your night to the fullest.
  • Maple: Maple is a popular option because it is so common anywhere you live in the United States. This wood is great for building and maintaining strong fires, with a good amount of heat.

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