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Professional Bird Removal

Do you hear birds chirping in your chimney? These noisy visitors can be a big annoyance to your household, and they can also leave behind dirt and debris in your system. Both of this situation is harmful to your brickwork and causes clogs in your chimney. When it comes to bird removal, you should address this issue sooner rather than later! Fortunately for those living in the San Diego area, the crew at Weststar Chimney Sweeps is here to help!

Dangers Behind Poor Airflow

chimney swift in flightWhen birds and their nesting materials hinder airflow throughout your chimney, you wind up facing serious risks when the burning season comes back around. These materials are flammable, thus increasing your chances of experiencing a home or chimney fire. They also block the pathways for smoke, fumes, and poisonous gases like carbon monoxide, are meant to escape.

Good draft and proper airflow is a must when it comes to operating your system as safely and as efficiently as possible. If birds are setting up camp in your system, the time to remove them is now!

Legal Restrictions

A big reason people hire a professional for bird removal is to ensure they avoid any fees or fines associated with harming an endangered or protected animal. Chimney swifts, for example, cannot be removed from a chimney once they have entered it, as this could harm it or its young. Since these birds are on the decline, taking appropriate steps to protect them is necessary and important.

If we spot a chimney swift in your space, we cannot remove it. Rather, we will wait until the season ends and they have left their nest for good. Then, we will remove the nest and equip you with a chimney cap or top-sealing damper to keep them out for good.

Invest In The Care You Deserve

Birds are messy, noisy, and they can trigger some pretty foul odors, too. If you want to guarantee a stress-free burning season next fall, as well as a peaceful spring and summer, give our sweeps the opportunity to remove nesting materials inside of your chimney now. We can then equip you with the preventative equipment necessary for stopping these issues from occurring again down the line.

You deserve better protection and high-quality services from a team of experts that continuously put you first. If you are ready to work with a crew that you can trust for the long haul, trust Weststar Chimney Sweeps today. Give us a call right now!

Keep Animals Out Of Your Chimney

Chimneys are strong, sturdy, and warm. This is why many animals view them as an ideal spot to rest, store foods, or build nests. Unfortunately, once these critters enter, they are not easy to get rid of. Not to mention, attempting to do so is sometimes against the law! Certain species of birds cannot be removed from your chimney until they are through nesting there. Consequently, this puts your chimney out of use for quite some time!

Learning how to avoid animal entry is important for keeping your chimney in good health. It also protects the well-being of friends and family. In addition, it will ensure all of the woodland creatures around your home stay safe, as well!

Dangers Of Animal Invasion

So, what harm can animals do to your chimney? Let’s take a look.

  • Smoke and Toxin Back-Up: One of the most common problems with animals entering a chimney is the formation of clogs. Leaves, mud, twigs, and all types of nesting materials block up your flue, leaving you with some major issues. If the smoke and other toxins created by a fire cannot properly vent, they will simply turn back around enter your home – definitely not ideal! Not to mention, loved ones could easily get sick after inhaling harmful gases.
  • Fire Hazards: Another issue is how susceptible these twigs and leaves are to catching fire, putting your entire home at risk. Also, any blockages will cause your entire appliance to run less efficiently, and any malfunctions always increase the risk of something dangerous occurring.
  • Bad Odors: All too often, animals find their way into the chimney, but can’t manage to find their way back out. When birds, squirrels, and others like them pass away, they leave behind a pretty foul smell. Your home will stink up fast and you’ll likely find yourself facing pest and maggot infestation, too – yuck!

Install A Chimney Cap Today!

So, how can you stop animals from entering? The easiest solution is to purchase a chimney cap. Chimney caps are placed over-top your flue, so any potential openings are blocked off. On top of this, chimney caps prevent water from entering, serve as spark arrestors, prevent downdrafts, and they stop any flying debris or trash from entering the unit, too!

There’s no reason not to have one installed today. The staff at Weststar Chimney Sweeps can set you up right with a cap that is the perfect fit for your chimney. Our sweeps are CSIA trained and certified, so you can count on us to do the job right!

Fear your cap is damaged? Not a problem! We can take a look, then advise you on the best steps to take moving forward. No matter what, we’ve got your back!

And don’t forget to schedule an annual cleaning and inspection! This way, should any creature or excess debris work its way in, a professional can remove it promptly. We can’t wait to help you out – call today!