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American Fire Glass Is Perfect For Your Fireplace

There’s no doubt that gas fireplaces are a popular choice for many homeowners with a busy schedule. They offer the warmth, comfort, and ambiance of a fireplace, only without all the work of hauling wood, clearing ash, and building and maintaining a fire. In addition, gas fireplaces are highly efficiency and provide great heat output. Therefore, you’re sure to get the outstanding results you’re hoping for!

Well, for those with a gas appliance in their home, we offer countless great options for personalizing it to your unique styles and tastes! As you may already know, the appliances themselves come in a wide range of design options, but did you know you can purchase beautiful fire glass for your fireplace, too?

If you’re tired of drab gas logs, we have many options available from American Fire Glass to spice up your living space. The team at Weststar Chimney Sweeps can set you up with the perfect size, shape, and color for your home. We’re certain you’ll be in love with the end results! Check out some choices now.

Gold, Black, Blue, & More!

So, what color are you leaning towards? As you now know, American Fire Glass provides about every color choice possible! Be sure to check out our brochure to get a better look at all the products available. Along with color options, you can pick between ¼” inch and ½” inch glass pieces, as well. Have questions about how the final product will look in your fireplace? Our team is here to provide you with as much insight as possible, so that you can make the best choice from the very start.

While We’re At It, Why Not Schedule Your Inspection?

If you’re having some new fireglass put in, why not get your inspection and sweeping done while we’re at it? Springtime is a great time to schedule some annual maintenance because our books are more open. Come fall, you won’t be scrambling to figure out appointment times around an already busy schedule book. You can just light up your fire and relax because you’ll already be good to go!

In addition, we have the time and manpower to do the necessary jobs in a hurry. Repairs are great in springtime weather because many of our products must be applied in a specific temperature range to properly cure. You’ll get better, longer lasting results, and it’ll be one less thing you need to worry about before kicking off your burning season in a few months. There’s no time to lose – give us a call now!

Why Repairing Your Flue Liner Is Important

The chimney liner plays a major role in keeping your chimney functioning right. It protects your home in more ways than one, and using a chimney without a liner in place puts you at some serious risks! If you’re ready to learn more, read below. We’ll explain why liners are so important, then let you know what we can do to repair and restore yours.

Flue Liners Serve A Big Purpose

The liner in your chimney does a lot to ensure safer and proper functioning, so it’s important to keep it protected throughout the years. First things first, it keeps heat from traveling to other parts of your home and starting a house fire. This process occurs faster than you may think (just a few hours), and it puts you and your loved ones at serious risk!

Chimney liners also help protect your mortar from melting and deteriorating. If cracks and crumbling start to occur, gases and harmful fumes can easily enter your home and trigger sickness. Some of these gases, like carbon monoxide, can even be fatal and are extremely hard to detect! Play it safe – let us inspect your liner today!

Lastly, a chimney flue liner enhances efficiency of your appliance, but only when sized correctly. When measurements are out of whack, creosote and other debris will accumulate at a faster pace, causing damage and increasing your risk of chimney fires. In order to ensure proper air flow, your liner needs to be fitted just right, and our CSIA certified crew will make sure that happens!

We Use HeatShield

There is a trustworthy and dependable product that we use to handle all types of flue repair work – HeatShield! There are different types of HeatShield that can be applied to your chimney, depending on the extent of your damage, so, no matter what state your system is in, we are certain we can help out. All in all, you’ll notice a more efficient and safer-to-use fireplace for your home and family – that’s our goal!

The great part about using HeatShield is that it comes with a 20-year warranty, so you can rest easy knowing you’re taken care of down the line. Ready to learn more? Give us a call now!

Don’t Put It Off

With nicer temperatures and springtime sunshine here, now may be your best time to call us in for liner repair work! As you can imagine, we get pretty busy when fall comes back around, performing repairs, inspections, sweepings, and more all throughout our service area. While we do everything we can to accommodate each of our customers’ needs, sometimes finding that perfect appointment time is hard to do!

We would hate to see you forced to put off fireplace use due to damages and necessary maintenance work. Call us in now, while things are slower, so we can set you up right! Once temperatures drop, you’ll be ready to light up that first fire, with no problems in sight. You and your loved ones deserve that! Give us a call now!