Scheduling regular cleanings, inspections, and basic maintenance is important for ensuring everything runs efficiently. The CSIA recommends scheduling an inspection at least once per year. During this time, your chimney technician can let you know what you need as far as repairs and sweepings.

Sweepings are clearly an important step in fireplace maintenance. However, just what exactly do they do for the health of your chimney? Learn more below!

Avoid Chimney Fires

When various types of debris start building up inside a chimney, the entire structure is left more vulnerable. Not only do things wear down quicker, but your risk for chimney fires increases dramatically. You see, the more your chimney is used, the more creosote will form. Creosote is very flammable, so you never want to let it accumulate too much. That’s why cleanings are a great way to ensure chimney fires never happen!

Having your chimney swept on a regular basis ensures that the creosote in your chimney remains minimal at all times. Attempting to do this yourself may seem like a viable option. On the contrary, it is strongly recommended that you invest in professional help. A certified expert will know which products to use on the chimney, without damaging it. In addition, they will make sure every nook and cranny is addressed.

Ensure Good Ventilation

Improper ventilation contributes to lots of issues when it comes to your chimney. When nasty debris is allowed to build up, your ventilation system suffers a lot! If smoke and other toxins cannot properly escape, they back up into your home. This affects the health and well-being of loved ones! These gases can also seep into furniture and curtains, affecting the regular odor of your home.

A chimney expert will be able to inspect all of the ins and outs of your chimney. They will also clear out any excess dirt or debris. Plus, will ensure that no animals or animal nesting is lodged anywhere that may cause problems.

Improving Chimney Health & Saving You Money

Above all, regular cleanings help your chimney stand strong for years and years. If the brickwork and mortar is dirty, it wears down a lot faster, meaning you could eventually face a chimney collapse! This is not something to mess around with. Keep your home and family safe by investing in a professional sweeping today!

Scheduling a sweeping will also save you lots of stress and money down the line. Without regular cleanings, your chimney will face countless issues and you will have to pay for a long list of expensive repairs. Save yourself the stress and hassle of dealing with cracked brick, crumbling mortar, and more! Call in an expert right away!

We Can Help!

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