Love is in the air, and that can only mean one thing… February is here, and along with it, Valentine’s Day! The perfect day to celebrate love, friendship or whatever else you want to celebrate.

There are some things that go hand and hand with Valentine’s Day, like flowers, chocolate, romantic dinners, perfume sprayed letters and much more. Of course, most of us will get to buying all of these gifts a day before, if not the same, but that’s ok, you’ll find something.

But, you know what you just can’t leave for the last day? Getting your chimney swept and inspected by a CSIA Certified Professional! I bet you didn’t even think about that one! Just imagine… romantic dinner, bottle of champagne, lit candles at the table, flowers all around, and of course, the fire crackling romantically in the fireplace. Everything is just right, the perfect Valentine’s Day… but wait, what’s that? do you smell smoke? Instead of going out thru the chimney, the smoke is coming right back into the house! What a way of ruining the perfect night. Now it smells like something burnt. And hopefully it’s just the smell, because if the chimney has not been properly cleaned, there is also the risk of fire!

So, better be safe than sorry. Get that chimney of yours inspected and cleaned ASAP, so you can concentrate on enjoying the perfect valentine’s day with your special someone.

From all of us at Weststar Chimney Sweeps, have a Happy Valentine’s Day!