Prefab Chimney After A Chimney Fire

Prefab Chimney After A Chimney Fire

The Republic newspaper of Columbus Indiana recently reported a tragic fire that was caused by the negligence on the home owner’s behalf. Nobody was hurt, but the damage was costly. Firefighters reported that the fire had been caused by defects to the fireplace and that a regular inspection might have kept this incident from ever occurring.

Sweep And Inspect Your Chimney Every Year

The NFPA 211 recommends that every chimney can be swept and inspected every year as needed to prevent chimney fires. Chimneys can be blocked due to lack of maintenance and Creosote can build up thus becoming a terrible fire hazard.

Keep your family safe by having Weststar Chimney Sweeps come in and do a thorough inspection of your chimney and fireplace to ensure that there are no imperfections that may in some way put not only your home at risk, but your family as well.

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