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Are Birds Nesting in Your Chimney? We Can Help!

Are Birds Nesting in Your Chimney? We Can Help!

Some people love the sounds of birds chirping in the spring; however, when you hear the sounds of birds coming from your chimney, you may feel the opposite emotion to love! Not many people enjoy listening to bird noises inside their homes, but if a family of birds have nested within your chimney, you will have to get used to it for a few months until they leave on their own to fly to their winter home. Since some birds like chimney swifts are protected by federal law under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, it is illegal to remove nesting birds, according to Chimneys.com. When they do leave, they will leave their nests behind, which can be hazardous. Weststar Chimney Sweeps has 17 years of experience with dealing with birds in chimneys across the San Diego area, and we are proud to offer nest removal services. We can also give you some advice on sharing your home with a family of birds if one has nested in your chimney, and we can prevent these birds from coming back next year to move back into your home.

Why do birds nest in chimneys? What kinds of problems do they cause?Are Birds Nesting in Your Chimney We Can Help! - San Diego CA - Weststar Chimney Sweeps

Birds like to take up residence in chimneys because so many trees have been cut down for development and construction reasons, and chimneys are the next best thing to trees for the shelter needed to build a nest. Not only can birds make loud and obnoxious noises at times, but they carry diseases, like histoplasmosis, which causes blindness. They also may become trapped and even die inside your chimney, which can be an unfortunate and smelly situation. Learning to live in a home with a family of birds for a few months can be difficult, but once your family is used to the birds, it really is not as bad as it seems at first. One of the biggest problems birds cause inside your chimney actually happens after they leave. When they fly away to their winter home, their nests will be left behind, and the nesting materials can lead to a couple of hazardous situations. The straw, leaves, sticks, and other debris used to build the nests are all very flammable and create the risk of a chimney fire. The nesting materials also block the flue, which forces the toxic gases from combustion, including carbon monoxide, back into your home. Weststar Chimney Sweeps can remove every bit of the nests that remain in your chimney once the birds have left and prevent these hazardous situations from occurring.

How can Weststar Chimney Sweeps prevent birds from getting back into my chimney next year?

Many birds will return to where they last nested, so if you have or have had a family of birds living in your chimney, you will definitely want to take action to keep them from coming back to share your home again. We recommend having a good-quality chimney cap professionally installed at the top of your chimney to prevent their return next year. You will need a cap that is equipped with mesh metal sides to keep them from entering the chimney when they come back to try to nest again. We are proud to offer a wide variety of these types of chimney caps and can help you select one for us to install on your chimney. The chimney cap will also keep water from rain from leaking into your chimney — it is an important part of your chimney!

Protect your chimney from birds getting inside to nest. Contact us at Weststar Chimney Sweeps if you are dealing with birds in your chimney as we can help.

Chase Covers Offer Protection

Chase Covers Offer Protection

Chase Covers: A Must-Have

Do you see water starting to drip inside your chimney? Are you aware that the damage it brings is can be permanent and could cost you a lot of money? Do you also know that leaks inside your chimney can cause even bigger problems like the growth of molds and deterioration of your chimney walls? The answer may be a chase cover.

This is one of the reasons why our family-owned company, Weststar Chimney Sweeps, is here  – to let you know why you might need to have a chimney chase cover installed in your home. Established in 1999, we pride ourselves with quality chimney services. One thing to feel confident about is that we are licensed by the Chimney Safety Institute of America and have over thirty years of experience in the industry.

Air flow is critical for your chimney to work effectively and safely. A chase cover keeps out things that may cause blockages.

Air flow is critical for your chimney to work effectively and safely. A chase cover keeps out things that may cause blockages.

What are Chase Covers?

Chase covers are a special add-on for additional safety and stability to the overall performance of your chimney. It acts as a barrier and a protector of the delicate parts inside your chimney like that of the chimney flues and flue liner. Basically, they perform the task of preventing anything from going inside the chimney especially water. Blockages or any kind of obstruction from external and environmental causes are also prevented.

Different Metals for Different Tastes

You might be wondering what to get since you’re not quite familiar with the kinds of chase covers out in the market. Actually, there are just two and they are very common for most homes: stainless steel and copper. They can be a bit pricey, but the results are long-term. It can last you many winters. The durability and beauty of these chase covers are definitely worth every penny.

Why Do I Need One at All?

Chase covers are good for three things.  First of all, it saves you a great deal of money. Why? Because it acts as a rooftop to your chimney:

  • Leaks will be prevented. Since water cannot go inside the chimney and form molds and slowly destroy the chimney walls.
  • It can prevent chimney swifts, bird nests and spider webs from entering and blocking your chimney.
  • Lastly, it provides such an aesthetic appeal to the appearance of your home. It gives people the impression of safety as a priority and not something you keep in the sidelines.

If you have a chase cover, the lesser chance you’ll have of unnecessarily damaging your chimney. So what are you waiting for? Chase covers are definitely a must-have for any homeowner out there who wishes for nothing more than an efficient, safe and effective chimney. Pay the price later or upgrade to a chase cover now, let us know if you decide to make this improvement to your home.