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Restore Your Flue Liner With HeatShield®!


Replacing your damaged clay tile flue liner may not be the only way to bring your chimney back to a safer, more efficient state. Weststar Chimney Sweeps also works with HeatShield®, a specially formulated cerfractory sealant that can turn a damaged liner into a smooth, smoke-tight liner that you can be confident in.

In our years of restoring damaged tile flue liners with HeatShield®, we’ve found it to be a highly effective and highly reliable product that can bring a chimney back from the brink. Whether or not your chimney would be best served by resurfacing or relining will depend on the extent of the damage to your current liner – but our technicians can thoroughly inspect your damage and help you sort through your options. Our priority is to provide you with the best possible service, and leave you with a safer, better-functioning chimney. In many cases, HeatShield® is the best product for the job, and can bring years of peace of mind (it even includes a 20-year limited warranty).

How HeatShield® Works

Depending on the type of damage found in your liner, we’ll recommend the HeatShield® system that would make the most sense for your situation.

If It’s Mostly Joint Damage:
We’ll recommend HeatShield’s® Joint Repair system, which will allow us to repair individual damaged mortar joints until your flue liner is safe again. We apply the HeatShield® Joint Repair system using a specialized applicator blade that allows us to fill and smooth every problem area, crack, gap, and void. Once we’ve made every spot repair, we’ll video scan the entire flue to make sure that the job is complete.

If Your Liner Damage Is More Widespread:
HeatShield’s® Resurfacing System is the best choice for flue liners with cracked and spalling tiles. Here, we’ll first layer what’s called a “tie coat” onto the flue to clean, prep and prime it, before applying a roughly quarter-inch layer of HeatShield® sealant to the entire flue with a special applicator. Once that sealant layer is applied, we video scan the flue to check for a smooth and smoke-tight resurfacing job.


HeatShield’s® Relining System Is Another Option For More Thoroughly Damaged Or Unlined Chimneys

We trust HeatShield® when we’re restoring chimney liners, and we’ve also found their Sleeve Relining System to be a great choice for chimneys with more severely damaged or missing liners.

To install HeatShield’s® Sleeve liner, we start by applying a coating of cerfractory sealant, and then attaching HeatShield’s® CeCure Sleeve (made of ceramic and reinforced with stainless steel). The Sleeve is then sealed with an additional layer of sealant, and the whole flue is video scanned.

HeatShield® can be a great choice for relining chimneys, or restoring a damaged chimney liner. Call Weststar Chimney Sweeps to learn more about it and see if HeatShield® is right for your chimney!

Don’t postpone getting a chimney leak fixed! Call on Weststar Chimney Sweeps for this professional chimney service before the damage gets worse!


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