While Weststar Chimney Sweeps is well known for doing chimney business throughout San Diego since 1999, we also serve other areas, including Chula Vista, the second largest city in San Diego County. We are proud to offer a number of our fireplace and chimney services to the residents of Chula Vista, and we would like to tell you a bit more about which services we do provide to this area.

We Serve Chula Vista CA - Weststar Chimney Sweeps

Visual Chimney Inspections

Recommended annually by the National Fire Protection Association and other national fire safety organization, a chimney inspection is one of the best ways you can prevent a devastating chimney fire. Our certified inspectors will look for flue blockages, large deposits of creosote, and any other damage that could make your chimney unsafe to use.

Professional Chimney Sweeping

Also recommended to do once a year by national fire safety organizations, a professional chimney sweeping by our certified sweeps ensures your chimney is properly cleaned to keep your system in its best working order.

Chimney Repairs

Our certified masons can help you with repairing chimney crowns, resurfacing and repairing damaged flue liners, taking care of chimney leaks, repairing damaged flashing, and waterproofing your chimney to prevent water penetration.

Bird Removal

Our professionals can safely remove bird nests to keep your chimney free from hazardous blockages. We can also prevent the birds from returning to live in your chimney in the future.

Chimney Installations

Weststar Chimney Sweeps provides installation services for a wide variety of chimney products, including chimney caps, crown coats, hearth screen replacement, and heat reflectors.

Smoke Stain Removal

Using detergents and solvents designed to remove and dissolve stubborn smoke stains without abrading or discoloring the masonry work, our technicians can safely remove any unsightly smoke stains for you. We also use the Paint N Peel Masonry Stain Remover to clean your fireplace.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

The best way to prevent a clothes dryer fire, a professional dryer vent cleaning by our certified technicians will also save you money on your utility bills.

If you live in Chula Vista, contact Weststar Chimney Sweeps to schedule an appointment with us for any of these services you may need.