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We Recommend Addressing Your Chimney Issues Now

If you own a fireplace, then you are well aware of how important it is to invest in regular care and repair work. Your fireplace and chimney work hard throughout your burning season, taking on a lot of heat and wear and tear to keep your family warmer and more comfortable. By investing in annual inspections and regular cleanings, and by addressing any damages promptly, you can rest easier knowing your system is in tip-top shape whenever you feel the urge to light a fire.

That being said, many feel that the warmer spring and summer months aren’t the time to worry about chimney care, so they put any required services on the backburner until temperatures drop again. Unfortunately, this means they are missing out on the many advantages of addressing these issues early.

Learn more below, then give the experts here at Weststar Chimney Sweeps a call today. We’d be glad to set up an appointment with you soon!

Saving You Moneyman on ladder next to chimney

By investing in chimney care and repair work right away, you save money in more ways than one. First of all, we offer a $30 discount for homeowners who invest in a sweep and inspection before October 1st. Not only will you get this necessary maintenance well out of the way before you burning season begins, you will get it done at a lower rate, too. It’s a win-win!

Generally speaking, taking care of damages right away is always a more cost-effective option, as well. If your system is showing signs of decay or deterioration, these problems will only worsen as time goes on and cost you more money to fix. Water damage is especially detrimental and should be taken care of right away to avoid problems throughout your masonry.

Invest in the care you deserve, then ask us about preventative measures to ensure you don’t face problems again down the line. For example, some flashing and a new chimney cap may be just what you need to avoid chimney leaks throughout the rainy season. Whatever you need, we can set you up right.

Making Your Life Easier

There is no doubt that chimney sweeps get quite busy as the days grow colder. The closer we come to Thanksgiving and Christmas, the more desperate homeowners are to get their maintenance and repairs completed, which means our schedule books fill up fast! By getting your work completed now, you avoid the hassle and guarantee a spot that works well for your schedule.

You won’t be forced to put off the start of your burning season and your loved ones won’t be left disappointed with no fire to enjoy over the holiday season. While your neighbors are scrambling, you will be relaxing in front of a fire, glad you got your fireplace care out of the way in the summer.

Ready to get started? We would love to work with you! Call today, and we can set something up.

Professional Bird Removal

Do you hear birds chirping in your chimney? These noisy visitors can be a big annoyance to your household, and they can also leave behind dirt and debris in your system. Both of this situation is harmful to your brickwork and causes clogs in your chimney. When it comes to bird removal, you should address this issue sooner rather than later! Fortunately for those living in the San Diego area, the crew at Weststar Chimney Sweeps is here to help!

Dangers Behind Poor Airflow

chimney swift in flightWhen birds and their nesting materials hinder airflow throughout your chimney, you wind up facing serious risks when the burning season comes back around. These materials are flammable, thus increasing your chances of experiencing a home or chimney fire. They also block the pathways for smoke, fumes, and poisonous gases like carbon monoxide, are meant to escape.

Good draft and proper airflow is a must when it comes to operating your system as safely and as efficiently as possible. If birds are setting up camp in your system, the time to remove them is now!

Legal Restrictions

A big reason people hire a professional for bird removal is to ensure they avoid any fees or fines associated with harming an endangered or protected animal. Chimney swifts, for example, cannot be removed from a chimney once they have entered it, as this could harm it or its young. Since these birds are on the decline, taking appropriate steps to protect them is necessary and important.

If we spot a chimney swift in your space, we cannot remove it. Rather, we will wait until the season ends and they have left their nest for good. Then, we will remove the nest and equip you with a chimney cap or top-sealing damper to keep them out for good.

Invest In The Care You Deserve

Birds are messy, noisy, and they can trigger some pretty foul odors, too. If you want to guarantee a stress-free burning season next fall, as well as a peaceful spring and summer, give our sweeps the opportunity to remove nesting materials inside of your chimney now. We can then equip you with the preventative equipment necessary for stopping these issues from occurring again down the line.

You deserve better protection and high-quality services from a team of experts that continuously put you first. If you are ready to work with a crew that you can trust for the long haul, trust Weststar Chimney Sweeps today. Give us a call right now!

Water & Your Masonry Chimney

Are you concerned about spring rains wreaking havoc on your chimney’s structure? This is a legitimate worrying factor for many fireplace owners, but it does not have to be. The experts at Weststar Chimney are qualified to help you prevent leaks and water-related issues, and we can repair any damages you are already facing. Ready to learn more? Read below, then give us a call today. We would love to help!

What Damages Could I Face?

rain outside a windowThere are a number of things water can do to your structure. First of all, it could trigger clogs to form, which creates venting and airflow issues. A system that cannot vent causes smoke and fumes to back up into your home, and you won’t get the efficient fires you are hoping for either. Other issues occur when water breaks down your structure. Your brickwork and mortar become vulnerable when moisture starts to penetrate, and it does not take long for holes, cracks, and gaps to form. Poisonous gases, like carbon monoxide, as well as stray flames and sparks, could easily escape through these weakened areas, putting your entire home and family at risk.

Along with all this, water damage can cause unsightly stains, rusting, rotting, and decay, all of which will lead to inefficiency of your system overall. All of these damages can be costly and time-consuming to fix. In the end, investing in preventative maintenance is always best to prevent damages and costly repairs down the road.

How Can Weststar Chimney Sweeps Help?

So, what can our team do to keep you safe from water-related chimney problems? First, we can address any issues with your masonry. If things are looking run rough, we will restore your system so you can rest easier each time you light a fire. Then, we will put things in place your chimney needs to keep water damage at bay. At Weststar Chimney Sweeps, we restore chimney crowns, install chimney caps, fix flashing, and can also waterproofing your chimney to keep your system in tip-top shape all year long.

The Sooner You Act, The Better!

If your chimney is facing distress, don’t put off repair work. The longer you wait, the worse your damages will get, and you could face a settlement or collapse. Along with this, investing in care before burning season begins will ensure your fireplace is ready when the cold strikes again. Our team becomes busy once temperatures drop, which means scheduling the care you need is a bit challenging. Avoid the fall rush by scheduling an appointment with our crew today!

We Perform Sales Transaction Inspections

There is no doubt that a fireplace can increase the value of a home. However, this is only if it is in good condition and does not need repair work. Many home buyers have a fireplace on their wish list. Then, they wind up disappointed when they realize the chimney needs expensive and time-consuming repair work. To avoid this scenario, level 2 chimney inspections are required when selling or transferring property.

Think your home inspector covered it? Think again. Home inspectors are not required to do anything more than a basic, visual inspection of your chimney. This means they could miss a lot of important things concerning the actual state of the chimney and fireplace. Learn more about level 2 inspections below, then count on the CSIA certified crew here at Weststar Chimney Sweeps. We provide detail, in-depth analysis of your chimney, so you aren’t left with any surprises when the time comes to selling or buying.

All About Level 2 Inspections

man cleaning chimneyHow does a level 2 inspection differ from a level 1? A level 2 inspection is a bit less extensive in comparison to a level 1. When fireplace owner regularly invest in professional care and stay on top of annual inspections, then you will only need a level 1 inspection. On the other hand, if they have undergone changes, a natural disaster or restoration work, then a more in-depth analysis is necessary. That’s where a level 2 inspection comes in. When you schedule a level 2 inspection, the sweep will come in with high-tech video equipment to snake up your chimney. This allows them to see every inch of your chimney’s interior with ease.

It is critical to invest in a level 2 inspection when buying or selling a home. As any damages, obstructions, and issues can be a factor in the final price of the home. If the chimney needs a lot of repair work, the seller will likely need to address the problems before completing the sale or lower the price of the property.

Our CSIA Certified Crew Is Here To Help

Our crew have certification and training from the CSIA, ensuring we have the knowledge for providing San Diego with the best chimney and fireplace care possible. We have unparalleled experience, dedication, and attitude, and we strive for the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Should we find damages, buildup, or other serious issues, our crew knows how to handle it all. If you are in the home-buying or home-selling process, let us help you wrap things up, so you can finally move forward. Call our sweeps today to schedule an appointment!

Protect Your Entire Chimney System

Looking to invest in services that will guarantee more protection for your entire chimney system? Crown repair and protection can work wonders when it comes to keeping your flue and masonry in better condition all year long. Invest in the care you deserve today. The team here at Weststar Chimney Sweeps is eager to help every step of the way.small cabin with chimney on lake in rainy weather

What Is The Crown?

So, what is the chimney crown? The chimney crown sits at the top of the chimney, and its slanted design helps to keep water from running down the sides of your brickwork. Essentially, the water moves out and away, ensuring less exposure altogether. Masonry is very absorbent, so avoiding water at all costs is vital, especially now when spring rains are prominent.

When chimney crowns are not built from the right materials and the appropriate standards are ignored, your chimney will not stay as protected, and the crown itself will start to crack and crumble. As you can imagine, this can wind up causing a lot of damage to your chimney over time. Because of this, it is important to invest in professional help to ensure you get the best and longest-lasting results possible.

About CrownCoat

Fortunately, when the damages are not as extensive, we can address them quite swiftly and efficiently. For those small repair jobs, we use a product call CrownCoat. This is a sealant that fills cracks, repels water, and works hard to protect your chimney crown from the elements. Once it is applied, you will be all set and good to go in no time. You deserve peace of mind, and CrownCoat offers you just that.

Is The Damage Worse Than Expected?

If the damage you are experiencing is worse than you suspected, or if we discover that your crown was made from a weak mortar mixture, then a rebuild will be the way to go. Our CSIA certified crew is experienced and educated, so you can rest easier when we are the job. Come fall, your fireplace will be all set and ready for regular use.

Do You Need Waterproofing, Too?

ChimneySaver products are known for their high-quality waterproofing abilities. If you are looking to have your chimney masonry and crown waterproofed, then our team can get it done for you in no time. When it comes to preventing decay, rot, rust, deterioration, and more, waterproofing is essential.

Our products are strong, yet vapor permeable, guaranteeing better protection with every passing year. We can also set you up with the tools you need to prevent leaks and keep water out of your system for good. Give us a call today to set something up.