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Be Ready for Fall by Having Your Chimney Inspected This Summer

Be Ready for Fall by Having Your Chimney Inspected This Summer

Many of the national fire safety organizations like the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommend that you have your chimney professionally swept and inspected before you light the first fire of the year. In order to be able to enjoy your fireplace when fall arrives, you should schedule your appointment for these chimney maintenance services in the summer. Chimney companies, including Weststar Chimney Sweeps, start getting very busy in September, and if you wait until the fall to schedule your chimney sweeping and inspection, you might have a difficult time finding a convenient date and time for the appointment. Taking care of these tasks in the summer guarantees your fireplace will be ready to use as soon as you wish in the fall. We would like to tell you why a professional chimney sweeping and inspection is so essential.


Chimney Sweeping Chimney Cleaning and Inspection - San Diego CA - Westar

The reason why it is so important to have your chimney swept before lighting the first fire of the fall is to have all of the accumulated creosote deposits removed from the inner walls of the chimney. Creosote forms naturally during the combustion process of burning wood and sticks to the inside of the flue. The problem with creosote is that it is highly flammable and can easily ignite a chimney fire if the internal temperature of the flue gets hot enough. The CSIA names creosote as a leading cause of chimney fires, so after your chimney has been swept by Weststar Chimney Sweeps, your risk of a chimney fire is greatly reduced.


Chimney Inspection

When the CSIA-certified chimney sweeps from Weststar Chimney Sweeps inspect your chimney, they will be looking for any damage or other problems that could cause your chimney to be unsafe to use. If any debris such as fallen bricks, leaves, or sticks is blocking the flue, it will be removed to reduce your risk of a chimney fire and a carbon monoxide leak. The condition of your chimney liner will be examined, and our sweeps will take a look at the exterior of your chimney to see if there are any damaged or missing bricks and mortar joints. If we find damage that needs to be repaired for your chimney to work safely, we will provide you with pictures of the damage, along with a written estimate of the repairs needed.
Beat the fall rush! Contact us at Weststar Chimney Sweeps to schedule your appointment for our professional chimney sweeping and inspection services today.

What Causes Chimney Odors?

What Causes Chimney Odors?

As the weather warms up each summer, Weststar Chimney Sweeps gets calls from our customers asking about unpleasant odors coming from their chimneys through the fireplaces. No one likes their home smelling badly, and you can trust our Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)-certified sweeps to help solve your chimney odor problem. Since 1999, we have been working on the chimneys of the residents of the San Diego area, and we know what causes the majority of all chimney odors. This means we know where to look for the source of the odor so we can correct the problem to get your home smelling fresh and clean again. We would like to tell you more about the most common chimney odor sources and how we deal with them.

Creosote and Soot

Both of these byproducts of combustion have stinky odors, and the heat and the humidity of the summer make creosote and soot smell even stronger. The best way to keep these odors at bay in the summer is to have your chimney professionally swept and inspected in the spring or summer. Our sweeps will be sure to remove all of the soot and creosote that has accumulated on the inner walls of your chimney, which will solve the odor issue and will reduce your risk of a chimney fire as the CSIA  names creosote as a leading cause of chimney fires due to the fact it is highly flammable.


If you notice a musty smell coming from your fireplace, you most likely have a chimney leak that has allowed water to get into your chimney and stand on the smoke shelf. To keep water from getting down into the chimney, you need a chimney cap professionally installed at the top. This cap will let water from rain run off its sides instead of going down the chimney. You will also be protected from leaves, dirt, and other debris from getting inside to cause a decomposing smell.

bird and bee nest - SanDiego CA - Weststar Chimney ServiceBirds and Animals

Sadly, a bird, squirrel, raccoon, or other wild animal can get into your chimney to nest, become trapped, and die inside the flue. You can imagine that this will cause a horrific rotting odor in your home. Protecting your chimney is the best way to keep one of these critters from even being able to get inside the chimney, and a chimney cap also serves to keep birds and animals from invading the flue. Weststar Chimney Sweeps offers a wide variety of chimney caps, and we can show you the caps that are the best in preventing animal invasions. Once we have installed the cap, you will not have to worry about dealing with a dead animal in your flue.

Keep your home smelling great this summer. Contact us at Weststar Chimney Sweeps today to schedule your annual chimney sweeping and inspection with us.