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Leaking Chimney FAQ

Leaking Chimney FAQ

Here in the San Diego area, talk of the coming El Nino is a very hot topic. Since this weather event will bring more rain to our area, it is very important to be sure your chimney is in good condition. Even a small chimney leak can lead to major problems when heavy rains are in the forecast. At Weststar Chimney Sweeps, we take chimney leaks seriously for good reasons. The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) claims that water is the biggest enemy of masonry chimneys because of the amount of damage it can do. Water penetration can deteriorate your chimney so badly that it could be in danger of collapsing. This is why it is essential to ensure your chimney has no leaks before the arrival of El Nino. We would like to tell you more about the signs and causes of chimney leaks as well as a preventive service we provide to keep water from leaking into your chimney.

What are the signs of a chimney leak?Leaking Chimney FAQ - Weststar Chimney Sweeps - San Diego CA

Sure signs of chimney leaks include peeling wallpaper, stains on the walls and ceilings, and dampness near your fireplace. You might even notice water standing in the bottom of your fireplace or stove. You can also see signs of chimney leaks on the exterior of your chimney. Cracked, broken, and missing bricks and pieces of mortar are the result of the damage of water penetration of your chimney. You may also notice rusting on your chimney cap or chase cover, and this also means water is leaking into your chimney.

What are the reasons behind chimney leaks?

Different things can cause chimney leaks. Most commonly, Weststar Chimney Sweeps finds chimney leaks that are caused by missing or damaged chimney caps. Cracked chimney crowns also lead to water penetration of a chimney. We have also found chimney leaks caused by damaged flashing systems and deteriorated bricks and mortar on the chimney structure. All of these problems can be solved by our CSIA-certified chimney technicians. We can install a new chimney cap to keep water, birds, and animals out of the chimney or repair cracks in chimney crowns. We can also repair damaged flashing and repoint bricks and mortar to replace the missing masonry materials.

How can Weststar Chimney Sweeps protect my chimney from water leaks?

We offer waterproofing services that can keep water from being absorbed into the bricks and mortar of your chimney. Using a formula that is 100% vapor permeable, we apply a layer of this formula to your entire chimney. Since this formula is vapor permeable, vapors and gases can still pass through the bricks and mortar and not become trapped within where they could cause even more damage. Waterproofing your chimney is an excellent way to prolong its life and to prevent water leaks from causing damage.

Ensure your chimney is in good condition before the arrival of El Nino. Contact us at Weststar Chimney Sweeps to schedule a chimney inspection, especially if you have noticed the signs of water leaks.

We Provide Custom Chase Covers

If you have a prefabricated (prefab) or factory-built chimney, you most likely have a chase surrounding the chimney. Since prefab chimneys are made from stainless steel, a chase makes the chimney look more like a traditional chimney. To keep water and animals from getting into your chimney, the chase should have a metal cover, which is similar to a chimney crown on a masonry chimney. Here in the San Diego area, the salt in the air from the Pacific Ocean causes erosion damage to chase covers more quickly than in other parts of the country. For this reason, Weststar Chimney Sweeps provides custom chase cover services to the residents of the San Diego area. We would like to tell you more about chimney chases, their covers, and the types of damage that can occur from the salt in the air.

What exactly is a chimney chase?Custom Chase Covers - San Diego CA - Weststar Chimney Sweeps

As we mentioned above, a chimney chase surrounds a stainless steel prefab chimney to provide protection and to add curb appeal to your home. Chimney chases can look like a masonry chimney or to match the rest of your home. Weststar Chimney Sweeps can construct and install a cover over the chase to keep water from rain as well as birds and animals from getting into your chimney. Our chimney technicians will take precise measurements of the opening of your chase so that the cover will fit exactly. During the installation process, we will ensure your cover is fitted perfectly.

How does the salt air cause erosion damage?

According to Networx, salt can be extremely corrosive to the materials that are used in home construction. Salt also speeds up the corrosion process. You may not be able to see it, but when you live near the coast, salt coats the outside of your home and forms crystals which build during each weather cycle. These salt crystals can eat through metal substances, including chase covers. Chase covers are also very susceptible to corrosion from rust, which can also cause the cover to crack and break apart.

How can Weststar Chimney Sweeps protect my chase cover from corrosion?

When we create custom chase covers, we use stainless steel to construct them so that they will be durable and strong. To keep your chase cover from premature corrosion and erosion damage, we apply a protective formula that shields the metal from salt and rust. Weststar Chimney Sweeps wants to keep your chimney protected from water leaks and animal invasions, so we work hard to provide you with the best chase cover you can buy.

Have you noticed rusting or erosion damage to your chimney chase cover? Contact us at Weststar Chimney Sweeps to find out how our custom chase covers can protect your chimney.