If your old masonry fireplace does not function as well as it did in the past, you may be considering a way to update the area with a new heating appliance. Weststar Chimney Sweeps recommends installing a set of gas logs to provide your home with a new focal point. Not only will you be updating the look, but you will also be upgrading to heating your home more economically and efficiently. To tell you more about gas logs, we would like to share some of the benefits you will enjoy by upgrading to this type of gas-fueled heating appliance.

Upgrade to Gas Logs - San Diego CA

Newer gas logs look much more realistic.

You may find yourself having a hard time distinguishing a fire from a modern set of gas logs from a wood-burning flame. With ceramic logs that rest on top of a grate just like a set of wooden logs do, a set of gas logs can produce a beautiful and realistic fire. The gas is distributed through glowing “embers” in a layer of sand under the grate. Used with a fire-screen placed in front of the gas logs, the gas fire closely resembles a fire from wood and also provides warmth to the room.

A set of gas logs is simple and convenient to operate.

You will never find yourself struggling to ignite a fire from a set of gas logs. Depending on the model, you just flip a switch, press a button, or use a remote control device to start up your flame. You will also never have to worry about doing the chores involved with burning wood. No more bringing firewood in from outside. No more adding logs to keep the fire burning. No more waiting for the embers to completely burn out. No more sweeping up ashes after the fire is over. You can truly relax in front of a fire from a set of gas logs.

Using a set of gas logs is better for the environment than burning wood.

Burning wood releases polluting emissions that can be harmful to the environment. According to the Los Angeles Times, many places across the country can only burn wood on certain days due to restrictions to reduce the amount of emissions. Some communities are even mandating gas-operated fireplaces in new construction.

Considering upgrading your heating appliance? Contact Weststar Chimney Sweeps to find out how a set of gas logs may be exactly what you need.