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Maintaining Proper Draft

With the wintertime ahead of us, many homeowners will begin to break out the blankets, hot chocolate, and the fireplaces.  Before getting too cozy, make sure you have gotten everything ready for a safe burning season.  Chimney sweeps are the first step in preventative maintenance, along with having someone check for minor damages that are recommended for once a year.

If you have a smoky fire, this could be a sign there is blockage in your chimney.

If you have a smoky fire, this could be a sign there is blockage in your chimney.

One of the main problems caused with a fireplace is a draft problem within the chimney.  The capacity, how much air can flow through the chimney, and the draft, how much air can flow through the chimney, work together in a positive correlation.  When there is a problem it can become dangerous because smoke is not able to flow out of the home.  Chimney sweeps are very important to preventing draft problems because they remove all the layers of creosote that have built up in your chimney.  This will also remove any fallen pieces of brick or twigs and leaves.  Also, they make sure that there are no leaks in your chimney, as any in the lower half will cause airflow issues.

If none of these are the cause of your chimney’s problem, you may need to look further or get a professional.  Sometimes the size of the chimney is the problem, whether it is too wide or too short, and just by doubling the height you can increase the draft by 41 percent.  If you have a small home that is well sealed, your house could be too tight to allow the air inside to ventilate.  If this is the problem, opening a window may be a quick fix.  If after checking all of these places you draft is still not fixed it may be time to get a new combustion-air system.  Unfortunately, the last result would be to install a new chimney.  If you recognize a problem, do not ignore it as a small problem can always grow into something bigger.

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