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Bird & Beehive Removal Services

Since the top portion of your chimney is isolated high above ground, it becomes an irresistible nesting spot for a family of birds looking to stay warm and protected from predators. Like high branches in trees, your chimney also looks attractive to bees that are looking for a place to build and maintain a hive. Unfortunately, these houseguests can cause an array of problems within the chimney system.

Birds: Noisy, Dirty, Dangerous Houseguests

Birds bring in debris to build nests, and those nests can block your flue and create a fire hazard (since the materials birds use are highly flammable). Birds also fill your chimney with annoying sounds, unsanitary bugs, and unwanted smells.

More frustrating, still, is having federally protected chimney swifts move into your chimney. They’re beautiful birds, but as the name suggests, they’re drawn to roosting in chimneys. And once they move in, their federal protection status means that you can’t remove them or their nests — and neither can we. The only proper course of action is to wait for them to move on and then to take steps to prevent their return.

Even if you love birds, they make quite inconsiderate and dangerous house guests. And if you have a chimney without a top-sealing damper, there’s nothing really discouraging them from entering.

Weststar Chimney Sweeps’ technicians can remove nests from your chimney and prevent birds from moving back in by installing a protective chimney damper or cap. When properly sized and installed, these will keep birds and any other unwanted animals out of your chimney, for good.

Bees: You Can’t Just Smoke Them Out


Some homeowners may have heard that they can quickly cure a chimney;s bee infestation by simply lighting a fire. Unfortunately, that approach can oftentimes do more harm than good. If the bees have already moved in, the fire won’t actually encourage them to leave for good, and the heat will only melt the honey down the sides of your chimney, creating a more pronounced and permanent smell that serves to attract more and more bees.

A Weststar Chimney Sweeps professional can safely remove the beehive and, once it’s removed, install a top-sealing damper. Installing a top-sealing damper will keep the bees from coming back and making a new hive inside your chimney. Dampers and caps are available in a number of different styles, so you’re bound to find one that meets your needs and desires.

If you have bees or birds living in your chimney, call Weststar Chimney Sweeps! We can safely remove their hives or nests, and prevent them from returning in the future.


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