Do you have a basic metal cover on your chase? If so, you may be noticing some issues, such as rust and deterioration. This type of damage is all too common, and it makes your chase cover less functional and less attractive. Soon, leaks will occur, causing even more damage throughout your home, woodwork, and masonry, such as rot, rust, stains, mold, clogs, and a whole lot more!

Unfortunately, most of these repair jobs cost a lot to address, and they take some time, too. Your best bet is to pay for a new chase cover now, rather than expensive repair jobs down the line. If you’re worried about the state of your current chase cover, or if you don’t have one installed at all, give our qualified staff a call. We can set you up right!

Benefits Of Chase Covers

Chase covers contribute a lot to your chimney’s curb appeal and overall efficiency.  If you’re tired of looking at your drab prefabricated chimney, then consider amping up its style with a chase cover! Let’s start with the design options available. We can easily match it to your home’s current decor, and it will make your chimney look fresh and streamlined. Definitely a worthwhile investment!

Along with looking great, chase covers provide extra protection for your home, too. As we stated above, water damage can cause a lot of problems in a short amount of time. The longer you ignore them, the worse things will get. A well-built chase cover can make all the difference in keeping your home and fireplace strong and standing tall for years to come!

Pricing Information

If you’re excited about the idea of a new chase cover, but are wondering about the costs involved, let us provide some insight. Having your chase cover replaced will cost you anywhere from $550 to $800, depending on the materials you choose. Stainless steel will cost you more, but the long-lasting results are well worth it! The most expensive option will be a copper chase cover.

Both copper and stainless steel options come with a lifetime warranty. If rust, corrosion, or other defects appear anytime throughout the life of your new chase cover, we will get it taken care of! Galvanized metal chase covers (the cheapest option) have one-year warranties against rust and defects. No matter which option you choose, your top will come with a one-year workmanship warranty on the installation of the product.

Costs will also be adjusted according to the size and height of your chimney, as well as how easily accessible it is. If you have questions, give us a call! We’re happy to help and we can work together to find the right solution for you.

Our CSIA Certified Team Is Here For You

When it comes to keeping your home safer, you need a chimney company that you can depend on and trust through it all. We’ll make sure your investments are built strong, so that you get the long-lasting results you deserve! Contact us now to set up your appointment. We can’t wait to help you out!