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Functions Of A Chimney Cap

If you own your own fireplace, you may be aware of the various parts that need regular maintenance. Dampers, brickwork, flue liners, and flashing are just a few of the many components that make up your chimney. Every piece plays an important role, and learning about these various parts is important in maintaining regular upkeep.

One piece that does a lot of work for your chimney, but often gets overlooked, is the chimney cap. Many homeowners wonder if installing a chimney cap is actually necessary for maintaining chimney health. The answer is yes! Chimney caps serve various functions and do a lot when it comes to helping your chimney stand strong for years to come. Check out some of these below!

Prevents Water Damage

Water and masonry should not mix. When water gets into your brickwork it triggers countless issues. Some of these include rusting, deterioration, cracking, mold and mildew accumulation, clogs, water stains, and rot. Your chimney may also wear down enough that a collapse or settlement may occur. All of these lead to unsightly and unsafe problems that put your home and family at risk.

Chimney caps help keep water out of your chimney. They are placed over the opening on the top of your chimney and keep it dry during bad weather and storms. The Underwriters Laboratories now requires a chimney cap in order to meet their safety standards! Invest in one today to keep water out.

Keeps Animals Out

Various birds and woodland creatures love to use chimneys for storage. Chimneys provide a warm and cozy spot to build nests and stash leaves, twigs, grass, and more. Unfortunately, these materials cause clogs and may trigger chimney fires if not removed. On top of this, the animals themselves may climb in and get stuck. If they can’t find their way out, you will soon start facing nasty smells and pest accumulation.

When you have a chimney cap installed, animals are left with no way to enter and cause problems. Getting a professional in to remove these critters and the debris that comes with them makes for a lot of extra hassle. Minimize stress and stop wasting time on issues that are easy to avoid. Purchase a chimney cap today!

Acts As Spark Arrestors

When you run your fireplace, stray sparks can easily work their way up the chimney and onto your roof. This could lead to a house fire, putting your home and family in a lot of danger! A chimney cap helps avoid this problem. They are known as spark arrestors, meaning they contain flying sparks from landing on your roof. Play it safe, and have your cap installed today.

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Is Your Damper Doing Its’ Job?

Your fireplace damper is a vital piece in your chimney’s construction. It ensures proper ventilation while your fire is running, and keeps cold air from entering your home. Unfortunately, these devices can break down and there a number of reasons why it may not be working efficiently.

If you notice drafting and air flow issues in your fireplace, keep reading to educate yourself on the more typical damper problems that homeowners typically face. Call in a certified chimney expert to check things over and perform any necessary repairs that may be needed.

Watch Out For Build-Up

One of the more common issues that people face is built-up soot and debris blocking their damper. This would keep your damper from opening and closing properly and may prevent it from opening at all! If your damper can’t open, smoke will back up into your home, exposing you and loved ones to harmful toxins. Excess smoke backing up into your living room means something is wrong… if you think your damper needs some cleaning, contact us right away.

Another issue may have to do with your damper valve. If this is dirty, it will not function appropriately and your damper will not be able to do its job effectively. Let us check things over and we can set you up right.

Broken Damper

Another possibility is that your damper is broken. In this case, we could help you pick out the appropriate damper for your specific fireplace. We would also ensure that it is installed properly. Improper installation only leads to bigger and more costly issues down the line and choosing the right size and style for your needs is vital in helping the entire appliance run well, as a whole.

Depend On Us

The staff at Weststar Chimney Sweeps are trained and certified to perform a wide range of repairs. We can also clean and inspect your chimney, so you can safely run it all year round. If you are having ventilation issues, let us come take a look at your damper. We can make any necessary repairs or adjustments, as well as clean the chimney with appropriate tools and chemicals.

Our sweeps update their certifications with the CSIA on a regular basis, so we always remain up-to-date on any new advancements or changes in regulations. We pride ourselves on providing the best customer service around, which is why countless homeowners turn to us for any and all of their chimney or fireplace related needs.

Why put it off any longer? Give us a call now, so you can rest easy and enjoy your fireplace to the fullest. We look forward to making your home great!