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Gas Fireplace Damper Clamp


When you have a vented gas log in your fireplace installed, it’s necessary to have the damper clamp open at all times. Having a damper clamp prevents a situation where gases are not vented out the fireplace. It’s a safety accessory in case the fireplace is turned on and is forgotten opening the damper.

A gas fireplace emulates a real fireplace, without the trouble of getting wood to burn. There are two gas fireplace types: vented and ventless. The vented type have a realistic look but loss most of the heat, instead the ventless one is very efficient because doesn’t need a chimney, losing the fireplace realistic look.

On which ever option you decide, the damper clamp is needed to keep the carbon monoxide out and avoid hazardous situations.

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San Diego County Fair 2012

Last month Weststar Chimney Sweeps was part of a San Diego tradition, the San Diego County Fair! Between June 8 and July 4th we had a chance to meet a lot of nice people that came to our booth to say hi and to know more about our Chimney Sweeps Services.

They got to learn how we work, see some of the tools we use, meet the team, and some of them even took pictures with the Top Hat! Also, a lot of folks took advantage of our $40 off Show Special, and because of that, their Chimneys are now cleaner and their homes safer.

It was definitely an Out of This World experience for us too. We love to be part of the San Diego community, and we look forward to many more events like this one where we can make new friends and meet new clients. Hope to see you at an upcoming event!

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